Tree Lovers

The diverse habitats created by differences in soil types and elevation create conditions for an amazing variety of plant species to be enjoyed on the ranch.

In winter the hills become ablaze in mixtures of red and brown as the deciduous Combretums begin shedding their leaves. The Numerous specimens of Aloe Marlothii that dot the hillside also make a spectacular sight as they burst into orange/yellow flowers

In early spring the acacias flower and the different species create a wonderful mixture of yellows and creamy white.

Flowers such as Wild Jasmine Jasminum multipartitum clamber up trees in a show of white, scenting the air with the fragrance of jasmine. Ground orchids such as Eulophia speciosa and flowers like Zulu Crossandra zuluensis and ipomoea bolusiana add further colour to the veld.

Some plant species to be seen are:
Combretums, Aloe Marlothii, Acacias, Wild Jasmin, Ground Orchids, Zulu

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