Bird life around the lodge alone is spectacular, tiny blue waxbills flit around the garden like little gems, Paradise Whydah grace the lower branches of the Acacia Tortilis, bright orange, black and white Hoopoe inspect the newly mown grass, and in the distance the cackle of francolin scuttling in the undergrowth.

There are more than 400 species of birds in the area.

Zululand is one of the the most diverse birding regions in southern Africa.

The area offers and incredible array of more than 600 recorded species that inhabit coastal, riverine, grassland, wetland, forest, woodland, cliff, gorge and valley habitats.

Some of the bird species to be seen are:
Fish Eagle, Giant Kingfisher, Narina Trogon, Purplecrested Lourie, Bat Hawk.

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