Off-road and Mountain Biking

Mkuze ranch offers an amazing opportunity to explore the beauty of Zululand on  a bike.

With 1600ha of natural bush the ranch has over 50km of trails , track and animal paths to ride on ranging from technical declines that will make the hair on your back stand up,  to gentle flowing single tracks for a family ride.

Mkuze Ranch  caters for all levels of riding and provides you with endless fun on your bike regardless of your skill level.

Bring your bikes to experience the thrill of riding a mountain bike past a some giraffe gently browsing on a acacia tree, curiously watching you from aloft, or surprising a head of zebra over a ride and watching them scatter.

Riders can enjoy the amazing smells of the bush that are often lost when game viewing from a vehicle.

Riding in the bush really makes one realise how lucky we are to have this tranquil beauty right here on our door step.

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